Short instruction to transfer EEG data (.bdf files) and performance file (.txt file) from the local computer to the central storage server.


Computer 1 contains the EEG data. Computer 2 contains the performance data. Follow the procedure outlined below on both computers to save all data to the central storage server.


  1. Go to ‘My computer’
  2. Select ‘Map network drive’
  3. Select the appropriate network location













4. Enter the correct credentials











5. Go to the following directory and copy your local directory containing the EEG files to this location. If there is not yet a directory for your subject, make a directory (named:  yymmdd_eeg_subjectnumber). For example, 181222_eeg_01.




















For computer 1, the EEG data are located in:




















For computer 2, the performance file is located in the directory called ‘Log’ (see screenshot below).

Important! Place the output file in the directory containing the eeg file(s) for that subject.